Today more than ever you need to make your savings and investments work harder for you and managing your capital properly to achieve financial goals such as:

  • Buying a home
  • Raising your family
  • Providing for Education fees
  • Fulfilling your business ambitions
  • Savings for retirement

At prosperity we strive to help you fulfill your dreams through a range of carefully researched and selected savings and managed investment products. We are able to develop a personalized solution for you, your family or your business.

We have worked closely with product providers to help develop products that suit our market. Our experience has taught us that flexibility of payments, term and currency is very important for this market. The ability to use regular saving on a monthly basis is one of the most popular methods of building up capital. The option to add in additional amounts as and when you like has also proved to be used often in the UAE. We have also noted that the market is very diverse when it comes to investment options. Some individual and corporate clients require low risk or guaranteed returns managed on their behalf so a very stress free experience with a known outcome, right the way up to bespoke high risk portfolio’s with complete control in an open architecture portfolio bond. At prosperity we strive to offer you the service that best suits your circumstances and risk appetite. Call or e-mail us today for a free consultation without obligation.
Please Note:
As an expatriate living in the U.A.E. with assets and investment in the Emirates, dispersement of such follows Islamic Shariah Law. This complex law imposes a fix share allocation to family members based on certain parameters. In order to fulfill the wishes of the deceased we advise you to seek help from our experts and to have your Will/legal papers documented properly.

It pays to invest early

Starting to save early puts you in a position to make the most from your investment. This is due to the effect of “compounding”. Compounding means not just earning money on your investment, but also on the amounts your investment grows by.

  • How much money you invest
  • How much time it spends growing
  • It’s rate of growth

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For most of us, retirement is something we look forward to – and we want to be able to enjoy those things we’ve spent years dreaming of and planning for. Whether you need the peace of mind of knowing that things will stay exactly the same at retirement or you want the freedom to be able to live a new life altogether, the final value of your retirement policy is crucial. It allows you the luxury of choice and to choose to live life on your terms.

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