Starting out on any journey can be fun and exciting but having someone experienced to guide you is sensible.

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Shaping Your Future, Together.

Wealth creation is the bedrock of financial planning and acts at the foundation which supports your long term objectives. 

The world of investing can be a complicated and often

daunting environment. Having an experienced hand guide

you through the process will help you make the right decisions

 at the right time. 

Below you will find the main areas in which we assist our

clients including pension, education and

investment portfolios.

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Our aim is to provide you, our customer with good honest and ethical advice. Our team will do its utmost to ensure you have a professional and swift experience with consistent ongoing service.

Pension Portfolios

Whether we like to admit it or not at some stage we will stop working through a variety of factors ranging from our age (being too old to be employed), our health (having the physical capability to work) or the more positive in being in a financial position whereby we can decide to stop working.

Whatever the reason, having a pension portfolio to be able to draw down on as and when that time comes is a key part to overall financial planning.

We support clients in creating international pension portfolios that can be taken with them wherever in the world they might end up.

Our portfolios start from as little as 750 USD per month but we always suggest running a retirement calculation to make sure you are adequately contributing to the end goal. We will support you with this calculation during our first meeting.


Education Portfolios

Although not a definite but certainly more of a possibility that your children will go to some form of university/college/varsity one thing is for sure.. It is going to be an expensive experience.

Most long term expats reside themselves to paying "overseas" student rates and thus want to make sure their children have the best opportunity to focus on achieving academic success.

Having a portfolio earmarked for such an occasion as university acceptance means that when that time comes around you are already prepared financially for the outgoing expense.

The first step in creating this type of portfolio is understanding the future liability which we will walk you through during our initial meeting.

Investment Portfolios

Many expats due to an often reduced income tax bill when comparing it to back "home" often end up with a higher surplus income and thus have a much larger ability to save.


Recognizing that global banking rates are at an all time low starting to invest money is the sensible way to make sure your money is working for you.


We can provide you with the education (replace education with inisght) and (access to) international platforms in order to start building an investment portfolio.

Property Portfolios

Adding property as part of your overall investment strategy is a smart way to utilize capital. 

We offer an end to end service that includes sourcing of the property, assisting with legal aspects of the purchase, finding the correct mortgage, tenanting and managing the property. 

Wealth Creation Planning Meeting

Here's a list of the topics we'll cover in our introductory retirement meeting.

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Introduction to Prosperity and your financial planner 


Understanding you and your current financial situation


Goals, targets and calculations 


Plan of action 

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