No one can predict what life will throw at you and worst of all how financially it can impact you and your family. 

This is the only investment we sincerely hope to never have to pay out, but if we do then we hope its helped.

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Life Insurance 

Life insurance is for those of us who want the peace of mind knowing that when we die, our loved ones won’t need to worry about paying the bills.

Life insurance is for the benefit of others, not ourselves and purchasing it is the most unselfish thing that anyone will ever do for their family.

Understanding life insurance can be complicated and sometimes overwhelming calculate so taking an advice approach to truly understand how much cover is needed as well as the types of insurance is often the best way forward. 

Simply put : A life insurance policy will pay out a lump sum to beneficiaries upon death.

Reasons to take out life cover

1.Long term family support

2.Inheritance tax planning

3.Debt repayment

Critical Illness Insurance

With statistics such as 1 in 3 will at some stage be diagnosed with some form of cancer during their lifetime it is not surprising that critical illness insurance is a surging desire from many in the expat world.

This type of insurance is used to replace income should you not able to, or not wish to continue work during any form of treatment. Our average policy covers our clients for 1 -3 years worth of income and is paid out typically within 4 weeks of a diagnosis as a cash lump sum.

A critical illness policy covers up to 36 health issues inc - cancer, heart attacks, strokes and many many more.

UAE sick pay - full pay for the first 15 days. half pay for the next 30 days ... then what ?

How long could you survive with if you lost your income due to a critical illness?

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Calculating Your Cover

The first step to finding out how much insurance you need is to think about your goals for life/protection insurance. Think about what would happen if you were to die or become ill unexpectedly.

If you find that you answer “yes” to any or all of these questions, then you may want to think about buying an insurance policy.


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Do you have a mortgage or other debts that you would like paid off?


Would you like to make sure that someone who is financially dependent on you (i.e., a spouse or child) has enough income if you die or fall permanently ill?


Do you have enough in assets set aside to cover your final expenses, such as funeral and final medical expenses? If not, would you like to provide some money to cover these expenses for your family?


Is your net worth large enough that there may be substantial estate taxes when you die? Do you have cash to cover these taxes or are your assets mostly in property such as a farm or small business that you would prefer that your heirs not have to sell?

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