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Protecting What's Yours. 

Once you've created wealth it's vital you take steps to

preserve and protect it, to ensure your hard work is not undone. 

The first step in preservation is often education. In order

to understand how to preserve your wealth you must 

understand the different ways in which you could lose it

including but not limited to taxation or foreign exchange risk.

Once you have gained a thorough understanding of

your potential liabilities you can take action with our

guidance on how to protect it. 

Below you will find the main areas in which we assist our

clients including Inheritance Tax structuring,

Succession Planning, Capital Gains Tax advice &

Retirement Planning.

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Our aim is to provide you, our customer with good honest and ethical advice. Our team will do its utmost to ensure you have a professional and swift experience with consistent ongoing service.

Inheritance Tax Structuring

Inheritance tax is often referred to as being an “inertia tax” as with good planning it can generally be completely mitigated.

If you are of British domicile, irrespective of your residency status, your estate will be tested again UK Inheritance Tax rates upon your death. The value of your estate dictates the amount you will need to pay. 

Despite how simple the process of Inheritance Tax Planning is, many people are simply unaware, which eventually results in a large Inheritance Tax bill. 

Book a meeting to find out whether you have an Inheritance Tax liability, and if you do, the various in which you can mitigate the bill.  

Retirement Planning

Enjoying a long, comfortable retirement is an aspiration shared by many, which is why planning for it is so important. Unlike many things in life, there is no second chance when it comes to planning, so you need to make sure you get it right, on your first attempt.

In order to enjoy your dream retirement, there are several important retirement planning considerations. These include, but are not limited to, building a sufficient pot of wealth, understanding local tax laws, efficiently drawing down your pension overseas, obtaining the correct visas, converting currency efficiently and putting the best healthcare provisions in place. Our experts can help you ensure you leave no stone unturned. 

UK Capital Gains Tax

Directly held investments (such as equities or funds) can generate interest, gains or dividends in their own right and will often be subject to immediate taxation in the United Kingdom. 

These investments may also be subject to taxation when sold (disposal), similar to capital gains tax. 

Many investors who plan to eventually live in the United Kingdom often build large portfolio's whilst living in tax efficient environments. To mitigate aggressive Capital Gains Taxes in the United Kingdom, investors can utilise tax efficient wrappers which allow for tax-free growth. Book a meeting for more information.   

Succession Planning

If you believe that succession planning is an activity exclusively for the elderly, it is time for a rethink. As we know, not everyone is fortunate enough to live into their old age, and tragically some people die long before it. Because of this sad truth, we advise all adults – especially parents - to conduct a succession planning session to ensure all your wishes are followed when you eventually pass away.

Wealth Preservation Meeting

Here's a list of the topics we'll cover in our introductory wealth preservation meeting.

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Introduction to Prosperity and your financial planner. 


Understanding you and your current financial situation. 


Goals, targets and calculations 


Plan of action 

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