Making sure your assets are working as hard for you as you did for them. 

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Mapping Out Your Future, Together.

Over your working life you will accumulate assets in many different forms from cash to pensions to investment portfolios and making sure all of these assets are managed correctly will be the key to enjoying long term growth and financial success.

We can assist you in managing many different assets and with our main objective being to keep your costs low and returns consistent.

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Our aim is to provide you, our customer with good honest and ethical advice. Our team will do its utmost to ensure you have a professional and swift experience with consistent ongoing service.


If you currently hold 100,000 USD or more in the bank you are losing at least 2500 USD per annum to inflation.

This figure becomes even more scary with the more cash you currently hold.

Our main initial objective is to make sure your money at least beats inflation in order to keep up with rising prices.

We recommend you hold at least 3 - 6 months of salary or fixed costs in cash and then anything above this should be invested correctly.

We will work with you to create bespoke portfolios taking into account your personal needs, age, attitude to risk, nationality and investment time horizon to make sure your money is moving in the right direction.

We operate on a clean share class model meaning there will be no hidden fees or surprises when it comes to your investments.

Existing Portfolios

There are many expats globally that have taken the steps to start investment portfolios with companies such as Quilter, Generali, Utmost, Friends Provident, Zurich international, Hansard to name a few.

We offer a review of any existing portfolio to ascertain if it is performing at its peak capability.

We look at:

  • The structuring fee
  • The advisor fee
  • The fund fees
  • The tax implications of the investment
  • How the portfolio has historically been managed
  • Then provide you with a full report to see if you could be getting more out of your investments

Investment Portfolios

Many expats due to an often reduced income tax bill when comparing it to back "home" often end up with a higher surplus income and thus have a much larger ability to save.


Recognizing that global banking rates are at an all time low starting to invest money is the sensible way to make sure your money is working for you.


We can provide you with the insight and access to international platforms in order to start building an investment portfolio.

UK Pensions

1. Do you know what your projected income is in retirement?

2. Do you fully understand the investment strategy?

3. Do you understand your options at retirement?

4. Do you know how your pension will be taxed?

5. Will your spouse or family receive your full pension upon your death?

Your first stage when dealing with pensions is to fully understand them.


With a simple letter of authority I can go to your UK pension company and request a full pension statement which we can then breakdown and provide a simple explanation in order to answer all of the questions you should know the answers to.

we can then provide you with:

1. A full pension benefits statement.

2. A 1-to-1 session so we can break down the statement into a simple, easy to understand explanation.

Wealth Management Meeting

Here's a list of the topics we'll cover in our introductory retirement meeting.

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Introduction to Prosperity and your financial planner 


Understanding you and your current financial situation


Goals, targets and calculations 


Plan of action 

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